Thursday, May 31, 2012

AAC Regionals 2012

It starts tomorrow and while Izzie and I will not be competing I am super excited to go and watch and volunteer and cheer on my Go! Dog! Go! peeps (and all the agility friends from other clubs that I have met over the past 10 months too!) I'll be timing in the Standard ring on Saturday and Sunday, can't wait to see all the speedy dogs out there. I might be making some of my famous oreos too, but with a GDG twist ;)

See look at that team spirit!

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Pug That Plays

It's been a long hard road to get Izzie interested in play, but she's made super progress lately. Every morning now we wake up, she goes out to do her business, then I feed her, and then she begs to play ball. What she really likes is her Holee Roller that I shoved a Kong Squeaker ball in. She'll chase it, shake it, tug it, and hit me with it. She loves it and that makes me very very happy.

Lookit those little toofers! She's too cute.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mishmash V

Not much to blog about lately so here's some random thoughts, mostly about my job...

When a customer comes in my store and is being rough with their dog I make sure I pay the dog extra attention and give it some love and treats and tell it that it is a good dog no matter what that yahoo that is attached to the other end of that leash does. It makes me sad that some people own dogs when they don't even seem to like them.

Pet stores do not do de-clawing, if I get one more call asking if we do I might scream.

I really like not having the shock collars on display at my work, it makes people have to ask me for them and starts a dialogue on it and problems they're using it for. This has allowed me to talk out many issues with customers and promote force free methods that they had never thought of. 

I feel really good after I've helped someone with their dog problems. Be it with training, diet, recommendations and ideas on toys, or even picking the right coloured collar to suit a dog's fur; it's just nice to be appreciated for my knowledge (even if that knowledge is mighty limited). 

I think I might want to become a vet tech.

Izzie is going to be 4 this year. She needs to stop ageing.

That means it'll be 4 years this year since I've had a puppy. I've been very patient and I want a puppy soon!

Izzie pivoted left today, I'm very pleased.

Not being able to go to agility trials makes me go crazy, I don't like missing trials that everyone else in the club go to. 

Izzie tugged today. So hard in fact that it hurt my wrist. I've had so much trouble getting her interested in toys that I never would have dreamed of this happening even a year ago.

Regionals is only a week away and even though we're not competing I'm super excited! Here's a picture of Izzie looking like she's yelling in excitement (but really she's yawning) in Medicine Hat (where regionals are).


Friday, May 18, 2012

Adventures with Uncle Ryan

20/52: I'm with the Skater Boy, originally uploaded by mandypug.

Izzie and I hung out with my brother today and went to the park. Iz played frisbee a bit and learned how to roll along on a longboard. However she much preferred posing with it and my brother holding it still. Izzie loves her Uncle Ryan.

Here's some more from our adventures today.

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Toy Smell

Izzie loves her new Frisbee. She's rolled on it, chewed on it, tugged on it, and fetched it to break it in. I was off all day today and Izzie chased this Frisbee as long as I wanted to sit outside and throw it for her. I really like when I can hang out with my favourite gal all day and I think she does too. Love this little Pug.

Monday, May 14, 2012


For once we've been caught on camera doing our thang, thanks to Amanda from manymuddypaws. So here's our Rally run from Saturday, perfect score and high in class =)


Sunday, May 13, 2012


Izzie RN ADC SGDC CGN, originally uploaded by mandypug.
No no no, Izzie's not qualified to save lives. RN for Izzie stands for Rally Novice and she earned it today after qualifying both yesterday and today. She also earned High in Class both days with a perfect score of 100 yesterday and a very respectable 99 today. Good work Izzie, we can get rid of that darn leash now!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Back At It

17/52: This Is How We Do It, originally uploaded by mandypug.

Last week we started back outside at agility class, I love being outside and Izzie does too! No more nasty dust in my lungs or running through deep dirt! Izzie also quite enjoys our new rubberized contacts and the new practise venue. No gopher holes and loud traffic! 

I'm just so excited to see what the spring/summer brings, yay agility!