Sunday, April 29, 2012

She's Fab

She's proud, she's Pug, she's fab!

This photo was selected by the design team over at Fab to be in the promo for my most favourite tagmaker ever! They are the people who made Izzie's famous Sex Pugs Rock N Roll tag (as seen in the photo they used). 

The sale is on for a few more days as of writing this post so seriously go purchase their gift certificates! You can get one regular tag for $22 or two for $43! Super savings! These tags are the only tags you'll ever need ever again. The writing won't rub off as it's stamped in there, they can withstand chewing and roughness and water and the aluminium tags (the silver ones) are super light (the brass are quite heavy though i am told). So click here and go get yourself some tags!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh Jeeze!

15/52: Stop and Stare, originally uploaded by mandypug.

I'm such a bad blogger, but it's finals time at school so I think I get a bit of a break right? No? Fine then.

Izzie is still as Izzielicious as possible, perhaps even more so than usual. Being as super adorable as she is must be exhausting. We've not done any real agility practise since the end of March but we went to a trial this past weekend and Izzie did well! Other than forgetting how to do weave poles and some mistakes from me she ran fast and accurate. She even got a Q in advanced gambles where only two dogs got it! She barely needed much handling from me to complete the closing gamble, she really spoils me. Her other Q was in snooker, a game that I despise, but I forced myself to stay in it and planned a modest path that was smooth and fast and played on our strengths and we got it with time leftover! We had an almost in jumpers but silly me celebrated too early and dropped my arm and slowed down which made her go around the last jump, bad handler! Standards were okay except the weaves, she was running super well but took a lot of coaxing at the weaves. We would have been clean and under time on both if we didn't have to fuss around with the weave poles, going to have to ponder those. Finally steeplechase ended up having 2 sets of weaves in it and with all the problems we'd been having over the weekend I tried them and when she didn't do them I just ran by them with her. Overall though it was a very good weekend. I got some nice compliments from people there and that was nice.

No agility trials planned until June but we'll be off to a couple days of Rally to see if we can get finish up her Registered Nurse... erm... Rally Novice title.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Road Trips and Sheep

Today I had a day off so I accompanied Amanda up to Calgary to drop off a rescue dog for surgery and pick up a couple Pemmies to come into Windy City Canine Rescue. I had to get up super early but it was fun so totally worth it. On the way back home we stopped so Brit could have a sheep herding lesson. I love watching herding, I find it fascinating. Izzie likes to watch herding too, she quite enjoys sheep. Oh and I got to love on these cute little lambs too!

They're not very old at all and their mother isn't producing milk so they must be bottle fed every 2 hours. They make the cutest little noises though I just wanted to squish them! After the lambs were taken care of we went and watched Brit's lesson, she's doing so well! Izzie hung out with me watching, like I said she quite likes watching sheep.

We beat the rain luckily, it hit as we drove home so that was nice not getting soaking wet while watching. All in all it was an awesome day, I love going on adventures.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Izzie thoroughly enjoyed her Easter Sunday with lots of bunny ear snacks. The easter bunny best be watching his tail now that Izzie's had a taste.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blue Ribbon Pug

My little girlie did me proud yesterday at her first ever CKC show. We competed in Novice A Rally Obedience, first time we've stepped foot in the rally ring and we came away with a qualifying score and a tie for third place. However when there's a tie for third they then go by time and her time was slower than the other one so we ended up in 4th, but we still got a big pretty rosette!

We still have work to do, she was spooky in the ring and heeled very wide and was rather unresponsive. I was nervous and I'm not trying to make excuses but I completely forgot to make sure her collar was sitting right so her leash was comfortable and I think that contributed to her spookiness. She has leash issues and her leash was whacking her in the face the whole time unless she was far away from me so she chose that (I would have too, damn leash). Otherwise she was a good girl, she did everything she was supposed to really, just did it with a lot of space between her and me. I am so very proud of her, I might even post a video when Jolene sends it to me. 

The whole weekend was really great, I love dog stuff. All my friends are great and we have lots of fun and cheer each other on. Very supportive bunch and I really enjoy hanging out with them. Scenthurdle with them is great too even though I'm just their box loader, I really feel appreciated by them and I'm glad to be on their team (especially when there's cupcakes and candy involved!!!). I think I'll be entering Izzie in a couple of days at a show next month to see if we can finish up her RN title, she's a very good little Pug and I'm confident she can do it. Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ball Face

Pretty much every morning lately I run before I go to work or school and Izzie accompanies me down in the basement where the "home gym" is. She gets annoyed when I'm exercising because I'm not paying attention to her but I have lots of toys down there for her to play with so she can suck it up lol. She doesn't care for most toys though... Except one toy.

Play ball?
She loves her ball. That right there is ball face and it's incredibly cute no? So when I'm done running I stretch of course and as I do that I toss the ball for her a couple times. She's really funny about it, gets really into the game and does some interesting things. 

Throw the damned thing already!
Such as:

- Barking at me very loudly.
- Barking at me using indoor frustrated "huff" bark.
- Using my face as a launch pad to vault herself off to get the ball.
- Pushing the ball into my hands, feet, knees, etc.
- Throwing the ball at me.
- Chattering her teeth.

And the most hilarious thing she does when playing ball?

Izzie, you're terrible.
She humps my legs/feet/arms with the ball in her mouth. This only happens when she really gets into it and I'm not throwing the ball fast enough for her. She's a strange little dog but I love her. Really people with normal dogs must be so bored all the time, my little weirdo keeps me laughing always.