Monday, July 9, 2012

Two New Titles!

27/52: Ring Of Fire, originally uploaded by mandypug.
The Pug is now Izzie RN AGNS AGJNS ADC SGDC CGN!

Izzie did great all weekend earning seven out of eight possible Qs despite it being hotter than hades out there. Here's the breakdown.

Trial 1
Standard - Izzie ran fast and happy. Too happy. She super-pug'd off the dog walk contact which is an automatic NQ. I need to get her a cape.
Jumpers with Weaves - Fast and clean! First Q in CKC agility and first Q toward her Novice JWW title!

Trial 2
Standard - Fast and happy again but clean this time. First Q toward her Novice standard title.
JWW - Clean, slowed down a bit, second place to a schanuzer named Riley who was cute. Second Q toward her Novice JWW title!

Trial 3
Standard - Clean and fast! Second Q toward her Novice Standard title!
JWW - Clean and moderately quick. Third and final Q needed for her Novice JWW title! Woohoo!

Trial 4
Standard - Clean and fast. Third and final Q needed for her Novice Standard title! Woohoo!
JWW - Clean and not super fast but it was stupid hot. Insurance Q with me doing a (very poor) cartwheel down the ending line of jumps.

I'm very proud of the little Puglet. She's a good girly who is getting very consistent. She even handled the hot weather well, better than I did!


  1. Blimy congrats little Izzie. You are a star!!!

  2. you guys rocked!!! looking forward to Spruce Meadows!

  3. Hi Proud Pug,

    we are super excited to have stumbled across your blog. We are excited cuz not only are you a fellow pug but you are Canadian! I am Winston Wilbur and I live in BC. I am so happy to have found your blog!

    Winston Wilbur