Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Omg Shoes

I decided to order new shoes the week before last for agility purposes (and general awesomeness) and they got here on Monday! I love them. They're my second pair of Vibram Five Finger barefooting shoes. My first pair being a pair of hot pink Treksports that I ordered back in late August 2011. These new ones are the Komodosport LS model and they are the most comfy things I've ever worn. I like them even more than my first pair!

I originally bought these shoes because I have problems with shin splints and extremely flat feet. While these don't have any special arch support (okay they have no arch support) they help promote a natural gait and the strengthening of the foot and leg muscles. When the feet and legs are strengthened in a more natural fashion, things stop hurting. It's awesome. I also don't fall as much in them as I have better balance and stability when turning quickly. Anyway I'm glad others introduced me to them and pushed me to try a pair and I think I'm becoming a true barefooting convert!

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