Sunday, April 29, 2012

She's Fab

She's proud, she's Pug, she's fab!

This photo was selected by the design team over at Fab to be in the promo for my most favourite tagmaker ever! They are the people who made Izzie's famous Sex Pugs Rock N Roll tag (as seen in the photo they used). 

The sale is on for a few more days as of writing this post so seriously go purchase their gift certificates! You can get one regular tag for $22 or two for $43! Super savings! These tags are the only tags you'll ever need ever again. The writing won't rub off as it's stamped in there, they can withstand chewing and roughness and water and the aluminium tags (the silver ones) are super light (the brass are quite heavy though i am told). So click here and go get yourself some tags!

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