Thursday, April 12, 2012

Road Trips and Sheep

Today I had a day off so I accompanied Amanda up to Calgary to drop off a rescue dog for surgery and pick up a couple Pemmies to come into Windy City Canine Rescue. I had to get up super early but it was fun so totally worth it. On the way back home we stopped so Brit could have a sheep herding lesson. I love watching herding, I find it fascinating. Izzie likes to watch herding too, she quite enjoys sheep. Oh and I got to love on these cute little lambs too!

They're not very old at all and their mother isn't producing milk so they must be bottle fed every 2 hours. They make the cutest little noises though I just wanted to squish them! After the lambs were taken care of we went and watched Brit's lesson, she's doing so well! Izzie hung out with me watching, like I said she quite likes watching sheep.

We beat the rain luckily, it hit as we drove home so that was nice not getting soaking wet while watching. All in all it was an awesome day, I love going on adventures.


  1. it was a good adventure day!!! :)

    thanks for coming along!