Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh Jeeze!

15/52: Stop and Stare, originally uploaded by mandypug.

I'm such a bad blogger, but it's finals time at school so I think I get a bit of a break right? No? Fine then.

Izzie is still as Izzielicious as possible, perhaps even more so than usual. Being as super adorable as she is must be exhausting. We've not done any real agility practise since the end of March but we went to a trial this past weekend and Izzie did well! Other than forgetting how to do weave poles and some mistakes from me she ran fast and accurate. She even got a Q in advanced gambles where only two dogs got it! She barely needed much handling from me to complete the closing gamble, she really spoils me. Her other Q was in snooker, a game that I despise, but I forced myself to stay in it and planned a modest path that was smooth and fast and played on our strengths and we got it with time leftover! We had an almost in jumpers but silly me celebrated too early and dropped my arm and slowed down which made her go around the last jump, bad handler! Standards were okay except the weaves, she was running super well but took a lot of coaxing at the weaves. We would have been clean and under time on both if we didn't have to fuss around with the weave poles, going to have to ponder those. Finally steeplechase ended up having 2 sets of weaves in it and with all the problems we'd been having over the weekend I tried them and when she didn't do them I just ran by them with her. Overall though it was a very good weekend. I got some nice compliments from people there and that was nice.

No agility trials planned until June but we'll be off to a couple days of Rally to see if we can get finish up her Registered Nurse... erm... Rally Novice title.


  1. hurray for super pug!!!! Oh, I DISPISE snooker too!!!!

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