Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ball Face

Pretty much every morning lately I run before I go to work or school and Izzie accompanies me down in the basement where the "home gym" is. She gets annoyed when I'm exercising because I'm not paying attention to her but I have lots of toys down there for her to play with so she can suck it up lol. She doesn't care for most toys though... Except one toy.

Play ball?
She loves her ball. That right there is ball face and it's incredibly cute no? So when I'm done running I stretch of course and as I do that I toss the ball for her a couple times. She's really funny about it, gets really into the game and does some interesting things. 

Throw the damned thing already!
Such as:

- Barking at me very loudly.
- Barking at me using indoor frustrated "huff" bark.
- Using my face as a launch pad to vault herself off to get the ball.
- Pushing the ball into my hands, feet, knees, etc.
- Throwing the ball at me.
- Chattering her teeth.

And the most hilarious thing she does when playing ball?

Izzie, you're terrible.
She humps my legs/feet/arms with the ball in her mouth. This only happens when she really gets into it and I'm not throwing the ball fast enough for her. She's a strange little dog but I love her. Really people with normal dogs must be so bored all the time, my little weirdo keeps me laughing always.

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  1. Too funny. My name is Izzie and I am a ballaholic!!! Zack is a member.