Wednesday, March 21, 2012

She Spoils Me

Really. Izzie so spoils me, she's just so smart! The past two nights of dog stuff have just been wonderful and she amazed even me!

Agility last night we worked on having tight fast turns and she did very well. I'm learning to trust her more which is allowing me to pitch her and go which really speeds her up, she knows her job so now it's time to stop holding her hand and just trust and run. We also worked on speed and weaves and more handling and she did awesome at that too, her weaves are really coming along nicely!

Then tonight we had Scenthurdle practise and since only four of us showed up we did a couple runs with a full box. Well Izzie has been having some trouble with a) working away from me to drive to the box and find her dumbbell and b) keeping it in her mouth all the way back to me. Tonight though it's like a lightbulb went off in her head, she was perfect. She didn't hesitate to leave me to go and find her dumbbell and she flew right back and delivered it mostly to my hand. Okay she tends to throw it at me, but whatever! She was perfect for all three runs, but we only got video of two. Here they are:

Aren't we lookin' good? All of the dogs except Jethro the Sheltie are newbies, coming along nicely I'd say!


  1. I've never seen this before. Is it just a Canadian thing? Very cool. I wonder if a speed drill like this would help Violet with her scent articles. She lacks confidence.

    1. It used to be pretty popular but died out when flyball gained it's popularity. Flyball was actually developed from scenthurdle. It's only lately catching on again in my province and in some parts of Europe.

  2. Izzie! You look great on both runs! And I bet your mum spoils you too, especially after such a super couple of nights of sports!

  3. izzie you are so damn cute i just want to squeeze you until your head pops off.