Monday, February 13, 2012

All Prettied Up With Nowhere to Go

6/52: I'm Talkin' Pedicure On My Toes, originally uploaded by mandypug.

About the photo: It's become sort of a tradition to have Izzie's nails painted for trials. They must always be a different colour or combination of colours for every trial or I hear about it lol!

Izzie and I travelled with Sarah and Jolayne up to Calgary for the CAA trial this past weekend. Izzie wasn't entered in anything but going to just watch is a very good opportunity to learn for me. I did however get to run Sarah's Kaleb in snooker and we almost Q'd, he stayed with me the whole time and wasn't as frantic about looking for his momma as at Kimberly last year so that's a huge improvement. I love K-man, he's a great dog who despite being a jerk sometimes is just a good ol' boy at heart. Running K made Izzie very jealous too, she was getting very angry as she saw me warming him up and giving him his "slime bag" after his run. Izzie did get to play a little bit in the shop at the place we stay at though, I worked on some distance as well as jump work with her and she had lots of fun! She was also wanting to play with toys too! She was going after a plushy toy in the house with Gyp and mauling my arm whenever I'd get it to throw. It was awesome to see her barking and stomping at me to let her have it or throw it for her to chase. She's definitely coming around to toys i think.

Watching agility and not being able to run it for most of the weekend makes me want it more. Like dangling a steak in front of a hungry tiger, I want it bad. It's nice to give Izzie a little break from running, but now I'm re-energized even more to practise hard in preparation for the trial in March! Can't wait!

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  1. Izzie, you are going to catch yourself a male pug looking so dazzled! Hehee! I really like the color you choose.