Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mishmash Volume III

My car does not have a block heater that i can see, but it has no issue starting in -50 windchill conditions. Asian car: 1, Old Dude Winter: 0.

I think I'm addicted to Dr.Pepper. It's just so delicious. 

School is going very well right now! I've gone to most of my classes consistently and i've put more work in this semester than ever. Third year isn't that bad.

I'm actually enjoying my classes this semester!

Izzie and I went to bed earlyish last night (around 10pm) and slept straight until 10am this morning. I love sleeping.

I tend to develop an accent when I'm speaking in front of a bunch of people. Luckily during my presentation yesterday I didn't do it.

Less than a month until I'm no longer a teenager! Eeek!

Also less than a month until I get to see Hedley again with Jeejers who saw them last time with me!

I like percentages. I assign completely arbitrary percentages to many things in conversation. 

Change is on the horizon. Stay tuned.

Izzie and I have a Terry Simons Seminar this coming weekend! Excited much? Hell yes.

I need a new winter coat.

Izzie just went on a face rubbing spree on my bed and my pillows are now flung all over my room. 

I've been trying to train Chai in agility foundation stuff, she makes me appreciate Izzie more.

I met Bill Nye yesterday. Yes, THE Bill Nye the Science Guy. I grew up on his stuff and I'm pretty sure he is the reason for me passing science classes through jr. high and high school.

I also got his autograph:

How cool is that?

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  1. Mom says she watched that show too! Very cool that you got to meet THE Bill Nye! We are glad school is going to well too!