Thursday, January 19, 2012

League Night!

The agility club Izzie and I are members of has an agility league night once a week. Last session we didn't get to play but this time we do! Our team is called the "New Dogs on the Block" (thanks for that Sarah lol) and it's made up of most of us freshies so the name does fit. Anyways it was super fun!

Izzie did awesome, the course was a masters level and both runs she was almost clean and running pretty quick! Her weaves were very good too even though she stopped to sniff a piece of sheep fleece and tried to find it once after it was picked up and gone. Silly girl. Overall I am super pleased with our first go at league, we'll see what challenges next week brings!

Oh and here's what was playing in my head when i was running, it's rather appropriate i think!

Heck yes I'm cool... Cool like the other side of the pillow!


  1. omg. the video is awesome. lol. the tucked in t-shirts is the best.

    glad you had fun at league!!

  2. Izzie, I think I'd make a plea to change your group name after seeing that video! Hehee! My mom on the other hand is just laughing. She said something about a blast from the past. What ever that means. It reminded her that it would also be funny to see a video from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch too now knowing how Mark Wahlberg is a big movie star now.
    PS. Glad you did well and had so much fun at your league night!