Sunday, January 15, 2012

Agility Dog of Canada!

Yesterday Izzie and I headed up to Wet Creek Stables in Balzac, AB for one day of the Training Troop rescue fundraiser trial. Izzie did great and earned her last leg of her Agility Dog of Canada title! That's the starters standard title.

Our first run of the day was a gamblers, Izzie was haulin' ass for the opening and even tucked butt a bit. She got some good distance going on but when the buzzer went to start the closing i took my eyes off her for a second and she zoomed up the a-frame and stopped at the top when she noticed i was pretty far away. I got her down though and she went out to the teeter in the closing, it was pretty tricky due to a lot of distance away from me so at least she went out!

The second run was a standard, the speed kept on with this run too and she was moving quickly! It was going well until she decided to zoom past the entrance to a tunnel to look for her cookies! I got her back though and finished the run with no other mistakes and even her weave poles were great!

Finally the third run came, another standard, and we ran fast and we ran clean and other than a bit of convincing at the weaves she did awesome and Q'd which gave us our ADC!

We were registered for a Jumpers but I pulled Izzie in favour of going home, it was almost 5pm already when they were only halfway through the second masters standard and I had driven up in the morning bright and early and Izzie had done very well already!

I'm so proud of Izzie, i know i've said it before but she's come such a long way and in just 6 months of limited trialling she's earned both her starters titles! She's such a good little girly! 

Now on to advanced!


  1. Congratulations, what a weekend! A well deserved ribbon for both Izzie and mum!