Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Youngest to Oldest, originally uploaded by mandypug.

She's very clearly MY dog and my favourite out of the bunch.

I can't help it, Izzie is just so amazing and perfect. We were made for each other.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kimberley Trial

Another Q!, originally uploaded by mandypug.

So I suck at blogging and should have written this earlier this week but i've been ridiculously tired and unmotivated all week, i blame school.


Izzie and I went to Kimberley last weekend and we had a ton of fun! It was a super awesome trial and even though we only Q'd in one of our 4 runs all weekend, we learned a ton and had a really good time!

I'll break it down a little bit for you all:

Gamblers -
Izzie was WILD. She was so happy and wound up to be playing she was all over the place when i wanted her to be near me and stuck to me like glue when i wanted her to be away from me. What i learned... Need to work more distance stuff not only getting Izzie used to working away from me more but making sure I'm cuing her properly, and figure out at what "up level" Izzie works best at.

Snooker #1 - Lets face it, i went in a little confused about the game and never having played it before. Add that to the fact it was 34 degrees Celsius with no wind and i thought there were more dogs before us than there actually were, the odds were against us anyways. I also planned my course for the fast and wild and crazy dog i had for gamblers, but instead she wasn't very "up" and was pretty hot too. What i learned... I need to cheer her on a bit more on course and plan my runs better.

Jumpers - Well it was going well until she got the zoomies and after i got her to refocus she was golden. Too bad she zoomed around the jump and took the backside instead of zooming over it the right way haha. What i learned... I don't think i warmed her up well enough to get her mind in the right place, she was very "OMG WHEEE AGILITY!" 
Snooker #2 - Learned from the first time to plan the course better plus the #7 obstacle was one of Izzie's best, the dog walk. I asked Sarah for some help on strategy and the run went swimmingly. Couldn't be happier with it being so new to the game. What i learned... Don't be afraid to ask for help if I'm unsure.

Overall, it was an awesome weekend. I had so much fun and the people from our club were awesome. Sarah even let me run Kaleb in Steeplechase and once he figured out that he was out there with me and not his momma he was really good for me! He makes me want a FCR lots, but that'll be a few years from now.

I'll definitely be attending the Kimberley trial every year as long as they'll keep having them!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to Nature

Nature Hike, originally uploaded by mandypug.

My parental units took the trailer out for a test run before we head out to Kimberley this coming weekend and despite working my arse off all weekend i went out for a night with Izzie.

It was fun. We ate lots of S'mores and cooked outside near a yummy smelling campfire. S'mores make the world go round, i'm convinced of this. They're the best thing evar.

Hurry up with the S'mores!, originally uploaded by mandypug.

Of course having a trailer means we don't have to give up a ton of luxuries to camp. So much more comfy than tenting. We still have a bathroom and water to wash our hands in instead of rocking the hand sanitizer (though i admit i do that in any situation).

But in the end, camping isn't something i like to seek out for long periods of time. Despite having a shower in there i prefer my own shower, and while the bed is fine i do miss my own bigger bed. Overall i love the trailer though, and it's a hell of a lot better than tenting!

Enough with camping..., originally uploaded by mandypug.

Oh and being able to cook pancakes in the morning easily indoors? Love it.