Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When Pugs Fly!

Friday was Canada Day of course and Izzie and I had an Agility demo to participate in. It was our first demo EVER and it went super well! She was very focused and only had a few bobbles and she's a pretty fast little Pug on those wee little legs. We had a ton of fun and Izzie loved it when the kids would cheer for her and come pet her after the performance.

Izzie has sure come a long way from shutting down and cowering at even the sight of a piece of agility equipment or hiding in tunnels. It's taken quite a while to get to this point and i can see that she really likes running with me. I hope we continue to improve and have even more fun playing the game.

25/52: Agility Pug!, originally uploaded by mandypug.

Other than the fact that the festivities were a mecca for obese dogs and misbehaved children, it was a great day. Maybe those with heavy dogs will take a note from the very fit and very active Agility dogs that were performing and put their dogs on a diet.

... Ah who am I kidding, they'll probably just put a broom on a couple way too high stacks of bricks in their backyard and try to jump their heifers over it

Anyways... Here's a short video of a few of Izzie's moments in her second show.