Thursday, June 30, 2011

Made in Canada

Made in Canada, originally uploaded by mandypug.
Happy Canada Day to all my Canuck readers!

We're participating in a Canada Day Agility Demo tomorrow (actual Canada Day) so i'll let you all know how it goes!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

24/52: Shut Up and Drive

24/52: Shut Up and Drive, originally uploaded by mandypug.

So Izzie has a new car... Yes, Izzie not me. She's christened it with a good face rub on all the seats so it's hers now. She also sneezed and got nose prints on the windows, officially breaking it in. Silly Pug. 

I can't wait to be driving it. It's a manual transmission which I'm not 100% with but I'm learning quickly. My brother took me out last night to give me some lessons and i didn't stall at all and was doing very well. So it'll be no time before Izzie and I are on the road with the little blue car.

PS: She (the car) still needs a name, suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Longest Day of the Year!

Izzie would like to remind everyone to take some time to stop and roll in the grass... Just make sure it's not tall grass that's filled with evil mutant Mosquitoes that will make your face look like a Shar-Pei.

So get out there and enjoy the rest of the Summer! The days only get shorter from here!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Great Way to End a Fantastic Day of Agility (NOT!)

Allergic Reaction, originally uploaded by mandypug.
So we were out all day at the agility field, having fun and kicking ass in our general rockstar fashion. The end of the day came and i put Izzie in the car so i could pack up. She had what looked like a mosquito bite on her face that looked to be itchy so i wanted to get her away from those nasty buggers.
Literally 5 minutes later when i got my stuff up to my car, packed it away in the trunk and got in to drive, her face had swollen up. What. The. Hell! So i asked my instructors their opinions quickly if it was a benedryl issue or rush in to the E-Vet. All three of us agreed she needed the vet (and you all know i'm not the type to rush to the vet for anything).

So there i go, from 15 minutes out of city limits on the wrong side of the city. I call auntie Hev to ask her to call in for me since i misplaced the number for this particular clinic (not the one Izzie's files are at) and she did. The vet met me there and after some paperwork and weighing (Izzie is down another 1/2lb by the way and everyone mentioned how fantastic she looks and how muscular her ass is, okay only the vet said that in different words when he gave her the shots... one in each cheek!) and so in about 20 minutes of being there she was done with the vet and we were on our way.
...Or so I thought.
Around $220 was our total. It was $99 to just walk in the door, $80 for the exam, only $20 for the antihistamine and $14 for the steroid.
Holy Shit batman.
So i spend all i had in my bank account because my boss hadn't gotten my cheque ready on time (read a week later and counting) so all i had was $150. So i called mum and she got mad at me but said she'd be down. However an hour and a half passed and she hadn't shown up so i called again and told her to just get me my Credit Card and bring it to me. Well 15 minutes later she arrives and hands me the money to pay. Thank dog. The place wouldn't do a payment plan even for $70.

Anyways, my rockstar is home now. What a shitty way to end an awesome day of agility. Her face looks a ton better now thank dog.

2 hours post shots, originally uploaded by mandypug.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

22/52: Place Where a Dog Shouldn't Be


Dogs should not be in Killer Whales' mouths. 

We had to be creative with this one that's for sure. Everyone else i know who's participating had really good ideas and I didn't want to copy them so this is the best i could come up with.


My poor dog is so tortured. She demands someone come and save her from this abusive home. Anyone? Abuse by whale puppet must be a jail-able offence.


Seriously... This is definitely a dog that needs rescuing. She's so hard done by.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Two by Two...

Two by Two..., originally uploaded by mandypug.

We're working on 2x2 Weave Training right now mostly (along with targeting and the normal foundations stuff) and Izzie is progressing well. Especially when she has me, someone who's never taught weaves at all, training her. We're using this method because well, it makes sense. Plus I've heard and seen fantastic results with dogs trained using this method.

... by Two by Two, originally uploaded by mandypug.

She's a good girl. Very willing to learn and try new things which makes shaping easy, luring tends to make her more confused so I'm glad shaping works on her. Plus working with her before meals when she's a very very hungry dog makes for an eager beaver working hard to figure out what gets her yummy cookies!

That's my pretty little puppy. Brains AND beauty. What more could I ask for?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ruffwear Sun Shower Jacket

So we FINALLY got our new Ruffwear stuff through our store yesterday. It got stuck in customs and was a royal pain to get here. Now that it's here though i ought to show it off!

First thing we're trying out is the Sun Shower Jacket. The weather here lately is appropriate for testing out it's functionality... damn rain.

First of all it fits PERFECTLY. It's long enough to cover her back and still keep the hood well over her little noggin and the straps to adjust it underneath help keep her chest covered. The only place it could fit better is in the neck, but that's mainly because Izzie's got so much loose neck skin.

21/52: Rain Rain Go Away, originally uploaded by mandypug.

She's figured out that it keeps her dry though, which means she's happy to wear the coat. Not to mention the arm holes allow her to move freely unlike some other brands of coats that restrict the motion. It's built from the same materials as people rain coats as well so it's super light and comfortable.

And come on... Isn't the hood just adorable?! 
(It also detatches if your dog isn't comfortable with it.)

That's all for now as Izzie wants to go for a walk and test out the jacket more! 
 The Ruffwear Sun Shower Jacket is Izzie Approved!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

20/52: Get My Good Side

20/52: Get My Good Side, originally uploaded by mandypug.

I'm running behind, I know! But doesn't she have a cute bum? That makes up for it right?