Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Izzie Eating Stuff

Food Dog, originally uploaded by mandypug.

Izzie loves food. She'll work for food much more than she'll work for toys or praise or corrections or anything at all. She also looks hilarious when she eats things, which makes it fun to take pictures of her eating things.

See? Hilarious. 

It's been suggested to me that I should just take pictures of Izzie eating various food items and make it into a photo book. She loves her little occassional snacks, I love watching and photographing her eating her snacks. Perfect idea.

Except for the fact that i am absolutely against perpetuating the myth that all Pugs are good for is eating.

So here's something active to redeem this post full of gluttony.

Monday, May 23, 2011

19/52: Frienemies

19/52: Frienemies, originally uploaded by mandypug.

Last weekend I had a house guest by the name of Stitch stay over. Izzie is not really a fan of Stitch because Stitch is insane. She doesn't slow down at all. 

They did have their moments though.

I did catch Izzie playing with Stitch a few times. They had some nice play fighting moments like this:

And this:

Which ends up with Izzie like this:

Regardless, we don't mind having her around. She's kinda cute and all.

... In an annoying little cousin kind of way.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What a Concept

Skinny Pug, originally uploaded by mandypug.

The reactions I get to Izzie's physique are split 50-50 between "Wow your Pug is so fit!" and "Don't you feed the poor thing! That's not what Pugs should look like". The first group is usually owners of more "sporty breeds" that have fit dogs themselves. The second group usually involves Pug owners who think their dog is in shape as it walks 5 steps and passes out wheezing. Yeah if that's in shape then I must be an Olympic athlete.

Anyways... I happened to meet someone straddling the line of the two groups the other day. He was amazed at the shape my Pug was in and he also had a Pug, said Pug was obese though and wheezing just standing out in the sunlight. He asked me how I keep her so trim when Pugs just love food so much. I said it's simple, I control her portions and exercise her (though not nearly as much as i should, that WILL be changing).

... He paused for a second in thought, and being completely sincere and non-sarcastic said...

"Portion control! I never thought of that! I just let mine free feed and fill up the bowl when it's empty. They're only supposed to eat what they need right?"

No sir, they're Pugs, they're going to eat until they explode (or until they puke but they'll just eat what they puke up too).

Is it that much of a foreign concept to control your dog's food portions? Especially in breeds prone to obesity? It seems so. I guess it goes along with how all small breeds don't need manners training because they're small and they can't do anything harmful. Or the whole I'm forcing my Pug to do agility and it's wrong because Pugs aren't supposed to do things like that, they're supposed to be COMPANIONS sitting on the couch. 


Sometimes I think I give too little credit to the average pet owning public, then something like this happens and it makes me go WTF.

Portion control... What a concept.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Matchy Matchy

Matchy Matchy, originally uploaded by mandypug.

I am very lucky to have a dog that will let me torture her like this without a complaint. However i have a feeling people are going to make fun of me for painting our nails to match. The colour is "For Audrey" from China Glaze, i love this brand of polish. 

Anyways i love my little good girl muffin pie, she's too awesome to let me do what i do to her from painting her nails to putting fun colours and designs on her fur with food colouring spray.