Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mishmash the Second

It's the end of December and there's no snow and has been blue skies and warmth. This is weird even though wind here brings warmth. I wonder what mother nature has in store for us though, this can't last...

I learned how to gamble at the casino on Tuesday night with my friend AND came away with $160. Spent it at Lululemon and feel pretty good about it, gotta win a jackpot next time though!

Izzie's rally training is coming along nicely, she's getting more and more comfortable with the leash each time we work on it. I'm getting over my issues too.

I've become so wrapped up in clean and perfect accurate runs that i micromanage and freak Izzie out. Must work on letting loose and trusting Izzie's training and taking some chances, it makes her go faster and i imagine it's more fun for her too. She knows what she's doing and i need to stop babying her and take advantage of my straight lines (or Jolayne will yell at me).

I haven't shaved my legs in like two months.

Free shaping is hilarious. Izzie lifted up her back end and planted it squarely into her training bag tonight without touching the edges of the bag, i had to laugh.

Lululemon reusable bags make the BEST training bags. Izzie got a new one for Christmas, I got the hoodie that was inside of it.

Izzie and I went to watch Gyp and Sarah and Pike and Cindy herding a couple weeks ago. Izzie and i ended up in the arena with the sheep for about 5 minutes and it was FUN! Not that we'll pursue it but Izzie was really thinking in there and was pretty intrigued by the fact that if she stepped toward the sheep they'd move away from her. Perhaps she was telling them "Bah Ram Ewe!"

That'll Do Pug..., originally uploaded by mandypug.

Thanks Shay for the funny photoshop job!

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  1. Wow, Izzie! I bet those sheep were smelly. Very cool you herded. And I think the movie would have been much better with you!