Thursday, November 24, 2011


The Retriever, originally uploaded by mandypug.

Funny thing about Pugs is their owners tend to be reluctant to try out different dog sports with them. Not all are like this but looking at stats it's the trend. Not sure why as these are smart and capable little dogs!

With Izzie my goal is to get her doing as many things as she possibly can as long as she likes it. So far so good, we've got our agility which we both love and therapy work... That's two more thing than the average house hippo... erm house Pug! We've also been dabbling for a while in training Rally and Competition Obedience, but nothing serious really yet (that will change on Friday though as Izzie and I have a Rally class starting.)

Our next challenge is a sport called Scenthurdle. This is a relay sport with four dogs on a team. Each dog has to retrieve a dumbbell with its handlers scent on it out of four options which are placed on a square platform at the end of four hurdles. Each dogs have to run up the lane over all the hurdles, scent out the correct dumbbell, then return over the hurdles without dropping the dumbbell. The hurdles are set by the smallest dog on the team, the height dog. This is where Izzie comes in handy at all of 12-13 inches tall, she's small and would make a good height dog.

It only took Izzie about a week to learn how to retrieve her dumbbell and bring it right to my hand. Not bad for a dog who did not like to put anything but food (or my fingers) in her mouth. The next step is teaching her how to scent out the correct dumbbell. It's a little more tricky, but she's catching on quickly and is choosing the right one about 80% right now. After that it's all about putting everything together over the hurdles and increasing speed.

I'm excited to see how we progress in this cool sport. I tried to do some searching to see if there are (or were ever) other Pugs doing this but so far i can't find any evidence of any. How cool would it be to have the first scenthurdling Pug?!


  1. What a cool sport! And Izzie looks so great doing it.

  2. I hope you post some videos once she gets the idea down, that sounds like so much fun! I think Rugby could do it, but I'm not sure how fast he would be. Happy Thanksgiving!