Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Adventure?

Just for kicks, originally uploaded by mandypug.

I'm not a terribly driven person in general, though i do go off on tangents of extreme motivation but eventually they pass for the most part. Only a few have ever stuck, but most end up failing after my friends are all stuffed to the gills with banana chocolate chip muffins and are sick of the most recent obsession.

So what is this all about, am i obsessing again and have sudden motivation to try something new?

Yes. Yes I do, and that something is Rally Obedience.

After finally being able to catch Izzie in a stand stay and take the pictures i need for her CKC Performance Event Number, i got a rush of motivation to try and train her for Rally. She's certainly smart enough and very talented and it'll be a good challenge for me (plus it'll give me something besides Grey's Anatomy and sleeping to do on those frigid winter days stuck indoors).

So here goes! Lets hope this catches on like Agility did and we stick with it, i really think Izzie could do well!

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  1. Izzie, I know you will make your mom so proud! And that picture of you is mega cute! Deserving of at least 5 treats.