Monday, November 14, 2011

Calgary Agility Association Trial

The Haul, originally uploaded by mandypug.
Izzie and i went to the Calgary Agility Association trial this weekend (it was our 5th trial already, time flies) and she did awesome! We came home with a Q in Starters Gamblers, our second one which got Izzie her Starters Games dog of Canada title! For those that don't play AAC agility, that means Izzie has gotten two qualifying scores under two different judges in each game (Snooker, Jumpers, Gamblers) in the starters level. Izzie also Q'd in Starters Standard, our first Q in that ever which is super exciting!

Our NQ runs were still good! Izzie was very close on both Advanced Jumpers and Advanced Gamblers. In jumpers she got a refusal because she went into a tunnel and came back out the entry side which isn't totally weird for her but she hasn't done that in a long long time, but otherwise she was flying and handling well! Gamblers we had a good plan for the opening and executed it well even if she was a tad bit quicker than usual which didn't quite line us up perfectly like i had planned, the main gamble was going well but she pulled off a jump and the buzzer went as i was trying to get her to go back out over it. Oh well it was our first Advanced Gamblers ever, we'll just be practising more distance skills! We also ran a Starters Standard on the first day, it was filled with zoomies and a bit of a standoff when Izzie zoomed on to the table lol.

I have so much fun trialling and this one was no exception. The Go Dog Go group is so amazing, everyone is so supportive of each other and friendly. It was a ton of fun, especially the memorable quotes lol.


  1. Wow, way to go Izzie you are a star!!! Good job. Congrats to you and your mum, you deserve it.

  2. You rock, Izzie! Way to go kick some agility butt!