Monday, March 21, 2011

One Month

So about a month and a bit ago I changed Izzie's food portions. She went from 1/3lb per day to 1/4lb per day plus whatever tiny training treats she got. It's not a huge change in portions but it's enough. We also added in more exercise; more walks, playing fetch up the stairs, balance ball work, etc.

Anyways... Here's our starting point as of February 15th, 2011.

IMG_3609-2, originally uploaded by mandypug.

As you can see, she's got some belly pudge and her neck is massive. Her weight in that photo was also slightly above 19lbs.

Now lets see what she looks like just after a month of new portions and slightly increased exercise.

IMG_5376-2, originally uploaded by mandypug.

As you can see her tuck is now more pronounced and her neck rolls are smaller, and you can also see her ribcage starting to show more. She now weighs in at 18lbs even. She also has a lot more energy and wants to play and run so much more.

I'm not exactly looking for her to lose to much more poundage. I think that from now on we're going to work on building her muscles and toning and tightening her up. If she gets lighter, fine... If she gets a little heavier but is in shape and well muscled, fine also.

 This is also a sort of public service announcement. As you can see on a small dog, just one pound makes a difference. That was slightly more than 5% of her body weight. 

Anyways, we'll continue on our fitness journey and i'll keep you all updated periodically.


  1. Just curious, do you know how tall Izzie is at the top of her shoulder blades?

  2. She is looking great Amanda!!