Monday, February 7, 2011


Grrrr!, originally uploaded by mandypug.

 Izzie doesn't normally play with toys all that much. She occasionally picks up a toy to "kill" and more often will pester me with a ball. To be honest, her favourite toy is probably me. She loves to bite me and play maul me, in return i love to play "hand monster" with her and have her pretend to kill my pretend hand monster. However she's never really been much of a tugger. Even as a pup she wasn't too crazy about it.  Never asks to tug, never starts tugging on a toy. In fact usually she releases the moment there's any tension on the toy.

Until today that is...

This morning she offered to tug. Yes this might be such a tiny little thing for most people and their dogs, but not for us. The dog that does not tug asked to tug, and proceeded to love it and play for FOURTY MINUTES with no prompting from me. She got into it growling and lifting herself on to her back legs to get more leverage, even shaking it to "kill" it. My dog, who hates tugging, asked to play tug today TWICE (the pictures are from our evening tug session). 
Izzie asking to tug is a very important thing to me. Having her like to tug makes rewarding her much much easier, especially for things like 2x2 weave training. I can't toss tiny pieces of food on the line of reward for her to get, they'll get lost and she'll be searching for food which could become a bad habit. It's also a good way for the dog to warm up and get revved up, also pretty important for agility. There are other ways of course to do those things, but tugging seems to be the easiest and now that Izzie is offering it we're gonna run with it. 

Maybe she figured out tugging by watching the fun the dogs had this weekend at the seminar. Whatever it was, i like it. Keep it up Izzie!

Do you like my tug?, originally uploaded by mandypug.

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