Saturday, October 30, 2010

Puggy Pumpkins!

So I figured since I haven’t carved a pumpkin in ages, I’d give it a go last night. I made a couple of patterns up but that didn’t help me and i ended up having to just draw what i wanted to cut on to the pumpkin itself. That worked MUCH better.
Here’s the cartoon Pug that i did…
That one turned out REALLY well, i enjoy how cute it is.
This second one didn’t turn out quite how i wanted, but oh well I can learn from it.
Agility Pug Pumpkin
Not bad, but it could definitely have been better. Just gotta work on my technique haha.
And finally, a picture of Izzie with her pumpkins.
Hey, at least i didn’t slice off a finger in the process!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Presents for Pugs Part 1

Since we were in Calgary on Saturday, and I knew i needed to suck up to my lovely girl for having the little black evil Pug at home waiting for us, I figured i should get Izzie a present. So we went to the Tail Blazers in Copperfield and looked around a bit when i found their selection of Bowser Beds. Instantly i thought “Izzie would really like one of those, feel the lovely microvelvet!” and i bought her a small sized crate mattress. She doesn’t have a crate but it fits nicely into the corner of the room that doesn’t already have a bed (Dog forbid there not be enough places to lay!)
“I am a bed model! I’m even posing in the nude! Tee hee!”
I think she approves of it. She laid on it all the way home. She’s not a dog to miss a napping opportunity and loves a good bed to nap on, so I'd say she knows good beds!
“Go away! flashy box makes it hard to fall asleep!”
I hope it at least partially makes up for me disturbing her happy little Puggy life by allowing Stitch to come stay for a while…
Please Izzie? Will you forgive me?
“ZzZz… Snort… Snuffle… ZzZzZz”
I think I’ll take that snoozy little Puggy face as a yes… Lol!

Monday, October 25, 2010

“Puppy Control”

It’s similar to Birth Control… Except it involves preventing me from purchasing new puppies.
Her name is Stitch and she is insane…
“I gots da ball!”
How does “Puppy Control” work?
Well it instils a fear in me that i just might get a dog like Stitch if i get a puppy. She doesn’t stop. She is the energizer bunny in Pug form. She’d be an excellent agility dog (which i want) but living with here might be less than awesome. Especially since Izzie is not a fan…
“Why is that THING still here?”
Izzie I think prefers to be an “only dog” for now, she doesn’t like to share her mum with any other dogs. In fact, she prays to Dog for the day when she doesn’t even have to share the house with the other two family Pugs…
“Dear Dog… Please remove me and mum from this household so i can be an only dog! P.s. Make Stitch leave right now please!”
Judging from this next picture, I imagine Izzie was pretty happy when we finally took Stitch home!
“She’s still here… What the hell mum!”
I owe my little Puggy girl big time… She’s so patient with the evil black Pug. Even if she’s not particularly a fan…
*Click Treat* Izzie, you’re a VERY good Pug!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Calgary Pug-O-Ween

Last week I posted about the Lethbridge Pug Meet-Up that I run. Well this past weekend I went to the Pug meet-up in Calgary. It is the reason I started the Lethbridge meet-up group because I could never make it up to Calgary for their parties. Well this time I made it to their Pug-O-Ween Party since i wanted to see how they run theirs up there.
“Lets Go Mum!”
So off we went to Calgary, we got kinda lost because I really really wanted to take a picture of Izzie with this fabulous gem of southern Alberta…
Yes… That’s the Starship Enterprise in the lovely town of Vulcan, Alberta. Isn’t southern Albera culture just fascinating?
Anyways… We went on our way to Calgary and eventually arrived there after me freaking out several times that I wasn’t going the right way. No more taking country roads for me! I’ll stick to the main highway thankyouverymuch!
So we finally got to the venue. A doggy daycare in the southeast. We got there a little late even and there were a ton of Pugs already!
There was Lions…
… And Lobsters…
… And Sheep! Oh my!
There even was a whole swarm of bees!
Overall it was very fun. There was a ton ‘o’ pugs there just chasing each other around… Izzie preferred to hop lap to lap and put her good looks to use making folks feel bad for her…
As you can see, she’s clearly a “People Pug” not a “Dog Pug”…
“Can we go to the Urban Dog Market now?”

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Puggy Park Pictures

So this is the sight I’m  seeing when I'm too busy with school work…
Bored Pug just sleeping her life away.
So i decided we need to change that. We have a ton of things to work on and it’s been nice all week so why not go to the park! Izzie sure didn’t mind that idea…
I don’t think i know a dog that doesn’t like to go for walks in the park.
Anyways, we always have stuff to work on outdoors… Like staying.
It’s certainly not her favourite thing until she gets to do this…
She loves to run and chase after me. She’s also a feisty little rascal and decided to leap over me laying on the ground and perch herself on my back.
I just love this dog so much, even if she drives me crazy sometimes! Hopefully agility lessons will start back up soon and we can get more things to work on and she won’t be so bored with me in school all the time!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pug-O-Ween 2010!

HOT DOG there was a lot of Pugs at the Meet-Up!
Yesterday was the Pug-O-Ween Party for the Lethbridge Pugsters Meet-Up group that i organize. It was a huge success with 22 dogs attending. We raised a good amount of money to put into the fund for future meet-ups as well so hopefully that fund will continue to grow and allow us to have more and more bigger and better meet-ups!
Anyways! Back to why we are here… Pictures!
First the winners of the costume contest.
A Moo-Cow Pug!
A Skunk Pug!
And a Flames Hockey Player Pug!
Though all the costumes were fabulous, I wish we could’ve given everyone prizes!
We had big Pugs…
… And little Pugs…
… And Pugs of all sizes in between.
We even had some honorary pugs there.
Snickers the Chihuahua
And Tonto the Shih-Tzu!

Overall, it was a very successful get together! We hope to host another before Christmas… Err, I mean Pug-mas! Maybe we can get Santa Paws to come!

For more picture from Pug-O-Ween, visit…
… and click on the Photo Gallery tab.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Awkward First Post…

Allow me to introduce the Proudest Pug…
Otherwise known as Isobel the Pug.
Izzie is a 2 year old Pug that I adopted on October 26th, 2008. We had noticed she was listed for $850 one day and down to $450 the next. Thinking it was breeder wanting to get rid of the last pup quickly we went to check things out. However… When one goes to “just check things out” they end up coming home with something. In this case, we came home with an Izzie (then Dakota). It turned out her former family’s older pug didn’t care for her and things just weren’t working out. Regardless of what happened to get her to me I'm glad she’s around, Izzie is my heart dog. Her interests include training, sleeping, doing Pugtonas around the yard and house, and playing agility.
Me? You really want to hear about me? Well I'm certainly not interesting…
Well I’m a 2nd year university student, currently majoring in Biology but dabbling in Pre-Veterinary Courses. If all goes right i should end up at vet school in a couple of years while slowly working through my required courses. Particular interests include dog behaviour, dog nutrition, animal psychology and neuroscience. I work as a Dog and Cat Nutrition Specialist (fancy words for “I sell dog and cat food”) at Tail Blazers Health Food Store for Pets so occasionally i will post about new products on the market and give some info and/or opinions on them. I also like photography, driving, and organizing Pug meet-ups in my city.
Anyways, on to why we’re here…
This is a blog about stuff. Particular stuff in fact. Mostly stuff about Izzie and her adventures through travelling and training, but there occasionally will be other posts about general dog issues, some about the Pug meet-up i run, and some general ranting i may go on about the world in general (although I'll try to keep most of the content dog related).
The main focus of this blog is our search for the “Metrohound”. What is the Metrohound you ask? Well that depends… I really don’t know, it just sounded rather artsy and mysteriously abstract. Really that’s it… Don’t believe me? Okay, the search for the Metrohound is just another way to describe the stories of my Pug Izzie. A big city dog stuck in a small rural Alberta city. Our travels to various places and adventures in our own back yard.
So now that we’ve got all that boring junk out of the way…
Welcome to our search for the Metrohound!