Thursday, November 4, 2010

The One Who Started It All

I’m often asked why i have a Pug. This is usually because i treat my pug like she’s an actual dog, not a couch cushion. I take her rollerblading and train her to do tricks and we’re even training in Agility. Not your typical lazy, fat Pug dog activities. You may assume that I'd be better off with a Border Collie or other active type dog.
Well so did I.
I originally wanted a Cardigan Welsh Corgi (yeah i know, har har, i couldn’t handle one if i tried just too much dog for my busy life) but being 11 at the time mum decided my opinion was worth diddly squat. So she decided because she’s the owner of the house, that she’d get her dream dog… A Pug.
And here i am thinking “ICK! They’re so ugly! What am i going to do with a PUG!”
But Ruby came home anyways, at 16 weeks old about a week after we moved into our new house in Lethbridge. I was not pleased and kept bothering mum to get me a Corgi. No such luck still.
I tried to train this ugly little pudgy dog to do anything, heck i would’ve been happy if she sat. No luck. She just wanted whatever food i had then to go take a nap in the sunshine. Definitely not the dog I wanted.
We eventually got another dog… Yet another Pug, named Chai. She was okay. By that time i was starting to warm up a little to Pugs. I couldn’t fight it, no point. This one yet again was stubborn as all get out and just wanted food and naps. Sigh, yet another dog that left me longing for my corgi.
Then I got Izzie. She came about because I was ready to adopt a Border Collie from the Humane Society so i could get my smart energetic dog kick. I suppose it was a bartering move on my mum’s part because i was 16 and very much ready to have my own dog of my own breed choice. She made a deal with me that i could get my own dog… If it was a Pug.
So I thought and thought and said well fine if we find one then I'll get a Pug not a Border Collie. Then Izzie showed up in the paper being rehomed, $850 one day and down to $450 the next. We had to go look and you all know what happens when you go to “look”. We came home with her that night.
Izzie is my heart dog. She’s been patient with me through my learning how to train her. She’ll do most things i ask of her and she loves to do anything as long as I’m with her. I was skeptical at first training a Pug, but she’s really shown me how wrong i was. Now our mission is to push the limits of what is Pug and what Pugs do. So now we ask, what can Pugs do?
The answer?
Pugs can do ANYTHING!
I’ll leave you all with a picture of the lovely old lass that started it all.
You’re a good Pug, Ruby. You just know it’s better to enjoy the finer things in life and use your looks to get the most out of everyone you meet. You’re a smart old lady.

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